DB5 - 10 Intact Subjects - Double Myo Armband

Please, use the Zenodo link to download DB5: Ninapro DB5 Zenodo link

The 5th Ninapro database includes 10 intact subjects recorded with two Thalmic Myo (https://www.myo.com/) armbands.
The database can be used to test the Myo armbands separately as well.
The 5th Ninapro database is thoroughly described in the paper: "Stefano Pizzolato, Luca Tagliapietra, Matteo Cognolato, Monica Reggiani, Henning Müller, Manfredo Atzori, Comparison of six electromyography acquisition setups on hand movement classification tasks, PLOS One, 2017"
Please, cite this paper for any work related to the 5th Ninapro database.