DB6 - Repeatibility: 10 Intact Subjects for 5 days

Control methods based on sEMG obtained promising results for hand prosthetics. Control system robustness is still often inadequate and does not allow the amputees to perform a large number of movements useful for everyday life. Only few studies analyzed the repeatability of sEMG classification of hand grasps.
The main goal of this dataset is to help the scientific community in studying repeatibility.

The 6th Ninapro database is thoroughly described in the paper:
"Francesca Palermo, Matteo Cognolato, Arjan Gijsberts, Barbara Caputo, Henning Müller and Manfredo Atzori, Analysis of the repeatability of grasp recognition for hand robotic prosthesis control based on sEMG data, in: IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, London, UK, 2017"
You must cite this paper for any work related to the 6th Ninapro database and look at it for further details.

The authors would like to thank all subjects for their participation in data acquisitions, the Swiss National Science Foundation that partially supported this work via the Sinergia project # 160837 Megane Pro and the Hasler Foundation that partially supported this work via the project ELGAR PRO