DB8 - 10 Intacts, 2 amputees - finger position decoding benchmark

This database is intended to be used for estimation/reconstruction of finger movement rather than motion/grip classification. In other words, the purpose of this database is to provide a benchmark for decoding finger position from (contralateral) EMG measurements using regression algorithms as opposed to classification.

The 8th Ninapro database is described in the paper:
"Agamemnon Krasoulis, Sethu Vijayakumar & Kianoush Nazarpour. Effect of user adaptation on prosthetic finger control with an intuitive myoelectric decoder. Frontiers in Neuroscience". Please cite this paper for any work related to this database.

More information about the protocol can be found in the original paper: "Manfredo Atzori, Arjan Gijsberts, Claudio Castellini, Barbara Caputo, Anne-Gabrielle Mittaz Hager, Simone Elsig, Giorgio Giatsidis, Franco Bassetto & Henning Müller. Electromyography data for non-invasive naturally-controlled robotic hand prostheses. Scientific Data, 2014" (http://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201453)

The experiment comprised nine movements including single-finger as well as functional movements. The subjects had to repeat the instructed movements following visual cues (i.e. movies) shown on the screen of a computer monitor.