DB2 - 40 Intact Subjects - Delsys Trigno electrodes

The second Ninapro database includes 40 intact subjects and it is thoroughly described in the paper: "Manfredo Atzori, Arjan Gijsberts, Claudio Castellini, Barbara Caputo, Anne-Gabrielle Mittaz Hager, Simone Elsig, Giorgio Giatsidis, Franco Bassetto & Henning Müller. Electromyography data for non-invasive naturally-controlled robotic hand prostheses. Scientific Data, 2014" (http://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201453).
Please, cite this paper for any work related to the Ninapro database.
Please, use also the paper by Gijsberts et al., 2014 (http://publications.hevs.ch/index.php/publications/show/1629) for more information about the database.